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Yellow Wedding Reception Ideas

by Staff Writer

Yellow Wedding Reception Designer Guide
What could possibly be more beautiful for a spring wedding reception than happy yellow flowers? The bright hue simply screams spring, and there are countless attractive options for yellow flowers in the spring. So let’s get your marriage planning in progress with these concepts for remarkable yellow spring marriage centerpieces.

Did you know that tulips are one of the signature flowers of spring? Also they make wonderful centerpieces. For a classic wedding reception style, long stem Dutch tulips in a vibrant colorful yellow will look sublime and classy in a clear glass footed vase. They will always work fine for the type of bride who plans to wear a classic silk halter-less robe with pearl bridal gem stones. If you like something rather more modern, try a spray of bright yellow tulips submerged in a clear glass cylinder. It might look glorious on a table set with grassy green silk linens.

A lush arrangement of ruffled French tulips, freesia, plump garden roses, and creamy orchids would be impressive for a formalized spring marriage.

You might also want to consider a clear cut crystal vase or maybe an official silver tall fluted vase. Just imagine that it is an expensive hotel dancehall with candelabrums and covered cream silk table covers. Wrap the centerpieces around with votive candles in cut crystal holders. The crystal will reflect the flickering candlelight superbly. This is a lovely kind of center-piece for a bride who plans to wear a dramatic satin trumpet marriage robe with custom bridal gem stones. Blooming branches are an excellent option for spring centerpieces. Tall forsythia branches will look amazing "planted" in cache pots.

You can decorate the branches with items such as:

  • Small Hanging Lanterns
  • Strings Of Crystals
  • Yellow Orchid Blossoms

This is a great center-piece design for a space with vaulted ceilings. Be sure to create a romantic atmosphere by draping ceiling with ivory and silk fabric. Also use gold ribbon chairs at the dinner tables. The nice thing about blooming branch centerpieces is they look provoking, but are straightforward enough to assemble you can make them yourself if you like.

No discourse of yellow spring flowers would be comprehensive without discussing daffodils. They're the classic sign of the season, and come in a superb number of yellows, whites, and oranges. For a sweet afternoon reception center piece, plant mini daffodils in glazed ceramic pots. Use moss round the base of the stems to cover the mud. You may also use regular sized daffodils in a few variations as a classic flower arrangement for your spring marriage. Use them on their lonesome or mix them with tulips for a heap of spring blossoms.

Yellow is an under-utilized color for marriage flowers; however it is actually one of the loveliest shades for spring parties. They work fine as a pop of color in a classic ivory color palette, and they also blend superbly with other colors like light blue, lavender, and green. Think about making a cheery yellow center-piece part of your spring marriage planning design.

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